The healthiest country in the world, that’s Spain. At least according to the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index, which charts the general health of 169 countries worldwide. Belgium is sinking a few places this year.

You’d think there’s something in paella in Spain, because the country has just adopted Italy’s number one position in the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index. The American company compiles a ranking of 169 countries every two years, taking into account factors such as life expectancy, the number of obese people and smoking behaviour, as well as access to clean water and sanitary facilities.

The top ten also includes four European countries: Iceland, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway. Japan appears to be the healthiest Asian nation and Australia, Singapore and Israel also make it to the top ten. In the previous edition of 2017, Spain was still in sixth place. Belgium can be found at number 28, which means that it has lost two places.

Mediterranean diet

The main explanation for Spain’s good performance in 2019 is the high life expectancy of almost 86 years, the highest in the EU. This is said to be mainly due to good health care, but also to the fact that what they eat may be a bit of a problem. The Mediterranean diet is still considered to be one of the most healthy.

Source:  Red.